Introducing The Stick It Girl Academy

This is an exclusive membership community for gymnasts ages 9 and older* who are ready to step into their potential and become the amazing gymnasts they know they can be. The trainings and weekly Zoom calls are designed to help your gymnast gain more confidence, ditch her fears, and overcome the barriers that have been holding her back for too long.

What It Includes

Membership In the Stick It Girl Academy includes the following for as long as your gymnast is a member:

  • Monthly Themed Training

    Each month we will discuss a new theme related to mental training in gymnastics. On our LIVE Zoom calls your gymnast will learn more about the theme and fill in relevant worksheets to help her grasp the concepts.

  • LIVE Zoom Calls With Coach Anna

    Coach Anna will host a LIVE zoom call every Sunday at 4pm PST/7pm EST for the gymnasts in the Academy. If your gymnast cannot attend LIVE, she can watch the recording afterwards which gets housed in our Training Library.

  • Access To A Private Community

    Gymnasts in the Academy will have access to a private community where they can ask questions and discuss topics related to gymnastics. This is a great way for her to connect with other competitive gymnasts as well as have access to Coach Anna throughout the month.

  • Core Trainings

    Included in your gymnast's membership are VALUABLE Core Trainings called Mental Training Basics (worth over $299) which are designed to help her gain confidence, understand her brain, and embrace failure. These Core Trainings include PDF worksheets and techniques to help your gymnast learn the right mental training skills to help her succeed in gymnastics.

  • Discounted 1-on-1 Coaching

    As an exclusive member of the Academy, your gymnast can meet with Coach Anna via 1-on-1 mental coaching sessions for 20% off the regular price.

  • Parent Training

    Videos geared towards you, the gymnastics parent, to help you understand what your gymnast is going through and techniques you can use to help her in her journey (without losing your mind or your hair!).

Having Support Makes The Difference Between A Gymnast Who Achieves Her Big Dreams and One Who Only Dreams About Them

It's no secret that top gymnasts utilize the help of mental performance coaches to improve their gymnastics. Whether it's overcoming fear and mental blocks, competing well despite nerves, or handling big pressure and expectations, EVERY gymnast can benefit from the support of Coach Anna inside the Stick It Girl Academy! But it's especially geared towards competitive gymnasts who are tired of not living up to their potential despite trying SO hard. Coach Anna is here to support your gymnast along the way.

*Please note: The Stick It Girl Academy is a recurring membership. You will continue to get billed unless you cancel your membership. There are no refunds for failing to cancel your recurring billing charge in time. 


  • Who is the Stick It Girl Academy best suited for?

    The Academy is geared towards competitive gymnasts, ages 9+*, who know they have potential but can't seem to put it together when it counts. They're determined gymnasts who aren't afraid to do the work; but no matter what they do, they can't seem to make things click. Whether it's fear, mental blocks, or buckling under pressure, there is always one obstacle after another holding them back.

  • My gymnast is younger than 9. Can she still join?

    *Gymnasts younger than 9 can definitely benefit from these trainings. However, you know your gymnast best and what she can understand/retain if she's younger. Ultimately it's up to you to decide.

  • Can we try it out first before committing?

    Due to the hours of digital and consumable content in the Academy, I do not allow gymnasts to try it out first. I'm confident your gymnast will benefit from the resources and community within the Academy. But if you're on the fence, please don't enroll your gymnast. The Academy is geared towards gymnasts who are excited and willing to utilize mental training techniques to better themselves as gymnasts. If that doesn't sound like your gymnast, then this is not the right place for her.

  • My gymnast can't make the LIVE Sunday trainings? Can I sign up without the LIVE option?

    At this time I am not offering a separate option without LIVE training. Your gymnast will have access to the weekly recordings in the Zoom Room Library and can watch them on her own time.

  • Have more questions not answered here?

    Feel free to email with your questions.