A Growth Mindset Is Crucial To A Gymnast's Success

Go through this 5 video training to learn how to fail and get back up. Also learn how important a growth mindset is to succeeding in gymnastics.

A lot of gymnasts I talk to avoid failure at all costs. Some are perfectionists while others are just afraid of failing. But failure is important to becoming a better gymnast. Take this training and learn some powerful secrets that come with having a growth mindset in gymnastics.

What You'll Learn:

  • Training 1 (7:17)

    In this training you'll learn what a growth mindset is in gymnastics and why it's important to having a successful gymnastics journey.

  • Training 2 (6:14)

    Here you'll learn the one thing that all gymnasts with a growth mindset do so you can do it too.

  • Training 3 (7:23)

    In this training you'll learn the power of your words and how you can use them to help you in your gymnastics journey.

  • Training 4 (5:46)

    Here you'll learn how to control the controllables instead of focusing on the things you can't change.

  • Training 5 (5:20)

    In this final training you'll learn why you should focus on your own journey instead of comparing yourself to other gymnasts.

I know how busy you are, gymnast!

Which is why I've deliberately kept these trainings short and sweet. But just because they're short doesn't mean they don't pack value. Each training will help you get one step closer to your big dreams in gymnastics.

What you'll get

In addition to 5 powerful video trainings, you'll also get:

  • A 3-page PDF to go along with each video training that you can download and fill in.

  • Access to a Discussion section where you can make comments and ask questions. I always answer back!

What's In The Training

    1. Welcome To The Growth Mindset Training For Gymnasts!

    1. 1 - What Is A Gymnastics Growth Mindset?

    2. 2 - The One Thing All Gymnasts With A Growth Mindset Know and Do

    3. 3 - The Power Of Your Words

    4. 4 - Controlling The Controllables

    5. 5 - Your Unique Journey

    1. Final Quiz

    2. Congrats! Here's what's next...

About this course

  • 8 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Yes, I'm ready to start my journey towards living up to my potential in gymnastics

Take this training now so you can experience major growth in your mindset!

About Your Instructor

Anna Kojac, M.Ed.

Founder of Stick It Girl & Mental Performance Coach for Gymnasts

Coach Anna is a mental toughness coach for gymnasts. As a former competitive gymnast who always let her mindset hold her back, she knows what it's like to let the mental stuff get in the way of her performances.

She's spent years studying the mind as it relates to gymnastics and is hopeful she can bring the mental toughness training she wish she had when she was a gymnast to as many gymnasts as possible.

Anna received her bachelors in psychology with a minor in dance from Emory University in 2001 and her Masters in sport & exercise psychology from the University of Virginia in 2004. She currently runs the Stick It Girl Gymnastics Blog and offers one-on-one mental coaching to gymnasts.