Vision Is Important

And yet most gymnasts don't take it seriously enough

I've found that most competitive gymnasts I work with don't understand the power of vision. They might create vision boards or have some big dreams, but they don't do much with that vision. In this mini training I teach your gymnast why vision is important and what she can do to craft her vision and practice it so that she can reach those big dreams one day.

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    2. Acting Out Your Vision

    3. Your WHY

    4. Having An Open Mind

    5. Recap

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About Your Instructor

Anna Kojac, M.Ed.

Founder of Stick It Girl & Mental Performance Coach for Gymnasts

Coach Anna is a mental toughness coach for gymnasts. As a former competitive gymnast who always let her mindset hold her back, she knows what it's like to let the mental stuff get in the way of her performances.

She's spent years studying the mind as it relates to gymnastics and is hopeful she can bring the mental toughness training she wish she had when she was a gymnast to as many gymnasts as possible.

Anna received her bachelors in psychology with a minor in dance from Emory University in 2001 and her Masters in sport & exercise psychology from the University of Virginia in 2004. She currently runs the Stick It Girl Gymnastics Blog and offers one-on-one mental coaching to gymnasts.