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My Promise To You

As a mental performance coach for gymnasts, my goal is to teach gymnasts how to harness the power of their mind to help them soar in gymnastics. These trainings are for ANY gymnast who is ready to uplevel her gymnastics and finally achieve her true potential.

  • Help your gymnast gain confidence so she can step into her potential and feel good about her abilities once and for all

  • Give her the support she needs from an experienced professional skilled in the mental game of gymnastics

  • Connect her with other gymnasts going through similar struggles so she doesn't feel so alone anymore

Anna Kojac

M.Ed., Sport Psychology Expert

Anna is a mental performance coach for gymnasts. As a former competitive gymnast, she was always fascinated by how her brain would stop her from doing certain skills. She's since dedicated most of her life to learning everything she can about mental blocks and fear in gymnastics so she can help other gymnasts
Anna Kojac, M.Ed. Mental Gymnastics Coach